100th Anniversary of Awarding the Title of Veterans to Gaziantep Commemorative Coin (Silver)

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Antep's journey to Gaziantep was through the struggle of our ancestors whose hearts were full of patriotism and who had no weapons other than the passion for freedom, who rushed to death with the dream of independence and with the belief that "I will be a martyr if I die, I will be a veteran if I survive" in hunger and poverty with determination and devoutness for 11 months with 6317 martyrs and countless heroes. This legendary resistance and heroism of the people of Antep against the enemy was crowned with an honorable title as the "Veteran" it will carry forever in its glorious history, with the law number 93 issued by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 8 February 1921, during the War of Independence. The heroism of Antep people who were among the most influential people of the War of Independence, which was experienced in almost any point in the country a century ago, has always been shown as an example with the words of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk "They did not only save Antep, they also saved Turkey". On the obverse of the commemorative coin produced in memory of the 100th anniversary of awarding this title, there is the crescent and star of the Ottoman banner of the years of the War of Independence, which is exhibited in the Gaziantep Panorama 25 December Museum, and the Gaziantep Martyrs Monument and Castle on reverse.


Law No. 93 on the registration of the town of Ayintab as Gaziayıntab:

ARTICLE ONE: The name of the town of Ayintab, which is the center of Ayintab liva, was changed as Gaziayıntab.

ARTICLE TWO: The Ministry of Internal Affairs is the officer in the execution of this law.

ARTICLE THREE: This law is valid from its date of publication.

30 Cemaziyelula 1339 - 8 February 1337 [1921]

Ceride-i Resmiye (Official Gazette), Issue: 5, 7 March 1337 [1921], page: 4.

Ağırlık 31.10 ±%1 g
Baskı Proof
Maksimum Adet 3.000 adet/pcs.
Maksimum Satış Adedi 2.965
Nominal Değer 20 Türk Lirası
Tedavül Süresi 05.02.2021 - 05.02.2023
Metal 925 Ayar Gümüş
Kenar Tırtıllı/ Milled
Çap 38,61 mm

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