Amasya Clock Tower, Clock Towers Series No: 7 (Silver) Commemorative Coin

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Amasya Clock Tower is in the city center of Amasya, on the west side of the Government Bridge. The tower essentially reminds of a minaret. The pedestal has a square plan, cylindrical body and smooth cut stone material. There is a semicircular arched window opening on the east side, and a semicircular arched door and two window openings on the north side. The body, which is entirely made from bricks, has a cylindrical formation rising on a wedge that is staggered by rows of sawtooth-shaped bricks, and tapering slightly in four directions. There is an iron barred balcony, also used for raising flags, and a rectangular wooden pavilion on top of the brick body. Three clock dials are faced towards east, west and south which are located on the pavilion that includes the clock room. The tower was demolished in 1940 as it prevented the reinforced concrete construction of the previously wooden Helkis Bridge. The tower, which was originally built by Governor Ziya Pasha in 1865, was rebuilt in accordance with its original form in 2002 by the then Governor Huseyin Poroy.

Metal 925 Ayar Gümüş
Kenar Tırtıllı
Çap 38,61 x 28 mm.
Ağırlık 15,55 ±%1 g
Baskı Proof
Maksimum Adet 3.000 adet/pcs.
Maksimum Satış Adedi 2.965
Nominal Değer 10 Türk Lirası
Tedavül Süresi 2.12.2020 - 2.12.2022

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