Hagia Sophia Holy Grand Mosque (Gold Plated on Silver) Commemorative Coin - Boxed

375.00 ₺

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Here is my Hagia Sophia foundation; therefore, anyone who changes my endowment that transforms this Hagia Sophia into a mosque, alters an article, attempts to cancel or amend it, intends to abolish it with a vicious or devious or any kind of deceit, changes the original, objects to the descendants, and guides those who execute them, and further helps them and intends to unlawfully monetize on it, transforms it out of the mosque, and lays claim for things as in the right of trusteeship by arranging forged documents, or records it in their own false books or fakes it in their own accounts, I hereby express in your presence that; they will be the ones committing the greatest haram and sins. Therefore, whoever changes this endowment, the curse of Allah, the Prophet, the angels, all the rulers and even all Muslims should be on him and them forever, and his torment will not be lightened, and their faces will not be looked at on the day of resurrection. Whoever, after hearing these said, keeps going on with this change, will be guilty of this change. Allah's punishment is there for them. Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

Metal 925 Gümüş üzerine Altın Kaplama
Ağırlığı 31,10 ± %1 g
Kenarı Tırtıllı
Baskı Mat Parlak/Prof
Maks. Baskı 10.000 adet
Nominal Değer 20 Türk Lirası/TRY
Tedavül Süresi 30.07.2020 - 30.07.2022

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