Karabakh is Azerbaijan Silver Commemorative Coin - 2 - Turkish

300.00 ₺

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      In the early 1990's Armenia occupied 20% of internationally recognized territories historically belonging to Azerbaijan - Nagomo-Karabkh region and 7 adjacent districts of the Republic.

On 27 September 2020, Azerbaijan Armed Forces undertook counter-offensive measures in order to repel another military aggression launched by Armenia and to liberate its occupied territories. 44 days-long successful military operations of Azerbaijan Army resulted with liberation of occupied territories, including Shusha city - the jewel of Karabakh.

The memory of 2783 martyrs who sacrificed their lives during Patriotic War for the territorial integrity of the Country, honors with symbol of "Khari Bulbul", rare endemic flower that grows only in Shusha.

Metal 925 Ayar Gümüş
Kenar Tırtıllı
Çap 38,61 mm
Ağırlık 31,1 ±%1 g
Baskı Proof
Maksimum Adet 3.000 adet/pcs.
Maksimum Satış Adedi 2.965
Nominal Değer 20 Türk Lirası
Tedavül Süresi 31.12.2020 - 31.12.2022

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