Nasreddin Hodja/Elephant Story (Bronze) Commemorative Coin

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Nasreddin Hodja was a wise man, who believed to be born in Eskisehir Sivrihisar and settled in Aksehir in the 1200s. Since he died in Aksehir towards the end of the 13th century, his symbolic tomb is also found here. Nasreddin Hodja, a man who shows people the right way in the stories told, informs them of good deeds and avoids evil, is also a wise person explaining the issues with short and meaningful jokes with his philosophical personality and his witty style. Sultan Timur, who was in Anatolia, released a huge elephant to the city so that people could take care of and feed it. The elephant ruined the gardens of the people in Aksehir. They understood that this elephant was not good for them, they gathered and went to Nasreddin Hodja. "Hodja," they said, "You are a man who expresses himself and makes people listen. Let's go to the sultan and tell him to take back this troubled elephant". Nasreddin Hodja said, "It is okay". Followed by the people, Hodja went to the palace where the sultan is. However, once they arrived in the palace people ran away one by one as they were afraid of the sultan. When Nasreddin Hodja appeared before the sultan, he turned back and saw that no one was there. Sultan said "What is it, Hodja, do you want something?", Hodja, who was annoyed as he was left alone said, "My sultan, we have a request from you, all the people are very happy with the elephant you have given, but this elephant is very lonely, thus we wish you to give a companion to this poor animal". In response to this request of the people, the Sultan sent a second elephant to the town.

Metal Bronz
Kenar Tırtıllı
Çap 38,61 mm
Ağırlık 23,33 ±%1 g
Baskı Okside
Maksimum Satış Adedi 4.945
Nominal Değer 2,5 Türk Lirası
Tedavül Süresi 25.12.2020 - 25.12.2022

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