Orhan Gazi (Silver) Ottoman Sultans Series No: 2

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Orhan Gazi was born in Sogut in 1281 as the son of Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. He was tall with blue eyes and had a blonde beard. The mild-mannered, merciful, cautious, organizer, determined and generous, man of the poor people, respectful to ulama, devout, fair-minded, prudent, unexcitable characteristics of him made him to win the admiration of people. Traveling around the country constantly and following everything closely were among his habits.


Upon the decease of Osman Gazi in 1326, Orhan Gazi was the second “bey” of the Ottoman Principality from 1326 to 1359. There is scarcely any information based on his childhood and youth. Following his marriage with Nilufer Hatun in 1298 he conquered Kopruhisar in 1300. He was the first Ottoman bey with sultan's signature and the first Ottoman coin printed his name bears the date “Rebievvel 724”.


Orhan Gazi started a series of conquests in Byzantine territories; during his reign Bursa, Iznik, Bolu, Ankara and Izmit were taken over and his son Suleyman Pasha also completed the conquest of Thracian Region except taking over Edirne. Having been greatly grieved with the decease of his son Suleyman Pasha which occurred during a hunting Orhan Gazi directed the operations of the siege and conquest of Edirne to his other son Murat Hudevendigar. By expanding the lands inherited to him by his father six times Orhan Gazi accomplished his aim in bringing the state organization into a proper order.


In his last years he had assigned his son Prince Murad with the powers of state and state administration and lived a secluded life in Bursa. Orhan died in 1362, in Bursa, and was buried to his father’s the tomb called Gumuslu Kumbet in Bursa.

Max. Mintage 3.000 pieces/pcs
Face Value 20 Turkish Liras / TRY
Metal 925 Silver /Ag
Diameter 38,61 mm
Weight 31,10 ± 1 % grams /g
Type of Mintage Matte Bright /Proof
Edge Milled

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