Ottoman Empire 1299-1922 AD

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The Ottomans were members of the Kayi Tribe, the Bozok branch of the Oghuzs. During the reign of Kayqubad I, the ruler of the Anatolian Seljuks, they were first settled in Karacadag and then Sogut and Domanic under the leadership of Ertugrul Gazi. Osman Gazi declared independence and established the Ottoman state in 1299 due to the authority gap created as a result of the Seljuk Sultan Alaattin Kayqubad III, who was taken to Iran by the Ilkhanians. The Ottoman Empire existed between 1299-1922. Fatih Sultan Mehmet ended the Eastern Roman Empire by conquering Constantinople. With this victory, the Middle Age ended, and the Early Modern Period began. With this conquest, the state turned into an empire, and expanded its territory until the natural borders of Eastern Europe, South West Asia, North Africa and the Atlantic Ocean. The Ottoman Empire was a bridge between the east and west for 600 years. Since it kept its distance from religious, lingual and racial discrimination in general, the Ottoman Empire managed to keep many states and nations under its rule for centuries. The Ottoman Empire constructed a regime based on old Turkish customs and traditions and the obligations of Islamic culture. Following the treaties signed in the period after the loss of the First World War, the Treaty of Sevres and the War of Independence that started against the occupation of Anatolia, led by Mustafa Kemal Pasha, ended in victory. Following these developments, the Republic of Turkey was declared on 29 October 1923 by the Grand National Assembly headed by Mustafa Kemal Pasha. Although many states emerged in the area covered by the Ottoman Empire after its collapse, the only successor state of the Ottoman Empire is the Republic of Turkey.

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Maks. Baskı / Max. Mintage 2.000 adet / pcs.
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