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In order to provide better service to website visitors and within the framework of its legal obligation, it will collect, process, not share your navigation information with third parties and keep it securely, provided that it is not used outside the purposes and scope specified in the Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permission. Ensuring your privacy is important to us, and with this Cookie Policy ("Cookie Policy"), we provide the necessary protection by keeping the system and internet infrastructure at the most reliable level in order to protect the privacy of your personal information.

We use cookies to automatically collect information about Site usage during your visits to our website ("Site") and member logins. Our aim is to provide convenience to you, our visitors and members, and to investigate how the Site should be used for the better for you. By our website, to make special promotions for you, to offer promotions and marketing offers, to improve the content of the website or mobile application in a way suitable for you and/or to determine your preferences; Your navigation information and/or usage history on the site can be monitored. Our website may match information collected from you on the site in different ways or at different times, such as information collected online and offline, and use this information together with information obtained from other sources such as third parties. Such matching and use will only remain within the purposes and scope determined by our Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permission.

What are Cookies?
Cookies are small-sized text files that are downloaded to internet users' internet browsers (on all internet-enabled devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets) when they visit a website.

Required Cookies
It ensures that the Site operates properly and that users can navigate the Site and benefit from its features. Mandatory cookies are anonymous.

Functionality Cookies
These cookies are used to perform certain functions of our Site, thus ensuring that you have a better experience while using our Site.

Performance Cookies
These cookies; collects anonymous information about how you use the Site. This information is then combined to obtain information on how we can improve the way the Site operates.

How Do We Use Cookies?
Cookies installed on your device or information obtained; It is used to improve the design and usability of our site, to provide you with a faster visit experience that suits your personal needs, to perform statistical analysis or to take security measures. Cookies do not collect any information, including your personal data stored on your device.

How Can I Manage My Cookie Preferences?
You can clear stored cookie data until you disable cookies. You will be able to find and check these settings using the "Help" section of your internet browser. In this way, you can delete existing cookies on your device and prevent cookies from being saved in most Internet browsers.

Changing Your Browser Settings
You can change your browser settings to restrict what cookies can be set. These settings are usually found in the "options" or "preferences" menu for your browser.

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Cookies are used on this website in order to improve the user experience and ensure the efficient operation of the website.